A Vocal Major in college, Tina still performs and teaches Voice, Public Speaking and Performance.  She has experience teaching young people for improvement, preparation for recitals, auditions and scholarship application.  She has had experience preparing students for national competitions, and   Musician Performance Applications, including presentation, sight reading, and popular as well as formal styling for competitions and scholarships.

Tina also teaches and coaches executives and business professionals seeking to improve their Presentation and “Presence”.   Coaching is also available to all ages for drama and stage presentation and elocution.

Tina has had very good success in preparing her students for competitions of all kinds – even  all the way to Hollywood for several consecutive weeks on American Idol.

She has taught all types of people to sing and improve their performance.  From tone deaf, to professional polish, she has experience that will benefit any student.

Private lessons in voice and preformance

taught by Tina Steele Penn are available for

Voice Coaching

Stage Presentation

Public Speaking

$30.00 per half hour – Contact us for more information

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